Kill Monsters is a 2D platform action adventure video game. A queen is left alone in her kingdom because of a plague that had been caused by the monsters, the plague killed her family, her servants and soldiers, in addition to the people who lived within the kingdom. Being the only living being, the queen decides to kill all the monsters. You can find several enemies with different mechanics:

- The child that moves from side to side.

- The ogre that moves from side to side but fires bullets.

- The troll that has 3 states, the first moves from side to side, the second when it sees you, stops and starts to nonsense, and the third when it feels that you are close, grows and hurts you.

- The bird that moves from side to side and begins to throw poop.

The objective of the game is to seek the tranquility of the queen, eliminate all the monsters so that she can live in peace and form her kingdom again.

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